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Bridge in Västervik

Tjustbygdens Sparbank AB is a local Savings bank that offers a full range of services and products in the municipality of Västervik. We have branches in both Västervik and Gamleby and a self-service-branch at Ankarsrum.

A Savings bank is a operation that differs from other regular banks. We do not have any private shareholders or any other profit interest aside from beeing a reliable bank for you as a customer and to contribute to develop the municipality of Västervik, the people who lives here and our local businesses and non-profit organizations.

We have a close relationship with Swedbank and cooperates to develop safe and good products and services for you. 

All the surplus from the bank is reinvested in the company and the local community. So beeing a customer at Tjustbygdens Sparbank makes you an enabler for people, non-profit organizations and business in the municipality of Västervik to continue to grow.

Thank you for beeing a customer in our bank!