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The Savings Bank private app

With our app you can manage your finances when and where you want. You can get help getting started here.

Download the app and log in with Mobile BankID or SecurityID, Security token or BankID on card.

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Marie - Adviser in Västervik, working on her mobile phone

Picture: Marie - Advisor in Västervik branch

Order Mobile BankID

Mobile BankID

If you have a new device or if your current Mobile BankID is about to expire you need to order a new one. To log in to our app, you need to digitally identify yourself, for example with a Mobile BankID.

The app is available in Swedish and English. When you change the language under settings on your mobile device, the language in the private app will change accordingly to the list you se down here:

  1. Open our app

  2. Click on "Change login method" under log in button

  3. Select "Order new Mobile BankID"

  4. Follow the instruction

  5. Remember to block your old Mobile BankID

The app in English

Do you want to manage your finances in English? Change the language on your mobile phone, under Settings, to a language other than Swedish. Then you will automatically get our app in English. If you still want the Swedish version of the app, despite another main language, then Swedish can be chosen as "other language" in your mobile device.

How to change language in the app

Language setting in your mobile device
Language in the app
Swedish as main language Swedish
English as main language English
Other language than Swedish or English as main language English
Other language as main language, but Swedish before English in the list of other languages Swedish
English as main language, but Swedish as second language English

Services in the app


The basic cost for the app is SEK 0. Additional service charges may apply.

If you are connected to our internet payments service (costs 300 SEK / year) you can also make payments in the app. Keep in mind that additional costs may occur from your mobile operator for the time you are connected or for the amount of transferred data.