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Adviser Gunilla and Service adviser Sarah in Gamleby branch are having a conversation

Picture: Gunilla and Sarah - Adviser and Service adviser in Gamleby branch

Saving accounts, funds, bonds or shares. We offer many different forms of savings. As a customer at Tjustbygdens Sparbank you are always entitled to counselling by one of our experienced adviser to be able to optimize your savings for your personal goals.

Find the right form of saving for you and your goals

Saving accounts

  • Fast access to the money
  • Your money is safe from market changes
  • Get a return on your savings by the set savings interest

By saving in a savings account you keep your assets safe from market changes. The money you have saved is always available for you to access (apart from any potential binding periods) and as long as you do not withdraw money yourself, the amount deposited will never decrease.


  • Opportunity to get a higher return on your savings
  • The amount deposited in the fund may both increase and decrease in value depending on market changes

A fund is a collection of securities, bonds and/or shares that you own together with all others who save in the same fund. The fund is managed by designated fund managers who work to make your investment grow. A fund containing shares is considered to have higher risk but also gives the opportunity for higher returns. 

Remeber that the amount deposited in the fund may both increase and decrease.